Bird vs. Snake
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Bird vs. Snake (April 10, 2004)
This afternoon on my way to pick up my mail from my mail box, I saw a blue jay attacking a tiny baby snake on the ground. The snake was viciously fighting back. They went back and forth for about a minute or so. It was AMAZING! I used the last drop of the 9.6X zoom of my A70 (only 3x optical), and this is probably as clear as I could get. I did try to get a little closer, but the blue jay flew away. The poor snake was probably injured, but still lucky to be alive. This is {{popup 20040409-bird-vs-snake-3.jpg 20040409-bird-vs-snake-3 480x360}}another scene of {{popup 20040409-bird-vs-snake-2.jpg 20040409-bird-vs-snake-2 480x360}}their fight.