Bumpy sky
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Bumpy sky (November 3, 2004)
Yesterday in Alamo, CA.

The election is {{popup 2004vs1850.gif 2004vs1850 360x480}}over. Maybe you are not like me. Most of the times, I am not an optimistic person. However, I do see ignorance, prejudice and gullibility giving up to the higher human consciousness. I will be happy if I can see a female minority atheist is elected as president of this country in my life time. Anything less than that won't make me happy.

I see nationalism and religion as barriers, just like the clouds -- they can be comforting, beautiful and even breathtaking, but ultimately, they block you from the greater view of the sky -- our common humanity.

I know we can't see the sky, but that won't stop dreamers like me from closing our eyes and imagining.