Lincoln on a penny
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Lincoln on a penny (December 5, 2004)
Abraham Lincoln's picture on a penny. Last night.

I haven't got many chances to go out and take more photos as what I would like to recently. Yesterday's photo was taken when I was taking a long walk after dark. While I was uploading the a few photos I took after I got home, I suddenly remembered what I read from some where that if you reverse a wide-angle lense, you get a macro lense instead, so I tried. I took off my 28-135mm lense from the camera body, reversed it and held it with my left hand pushing it against the camera body which was held by my right hand. I found a penny in my pocket, and put it in my kitchen table where it was a little lighter than my computer room. I was pleasantly surprised it worked quite well. The DOF was very very thin -- only a couple of millimeters at most, so I had to move the camera back and forth slightly to get the object in focus. It was fun. Some more EXIF about the photo --ISO 3200, 1/30 second in Manual mode.