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Sparky's home (January 9, 2005)
Yesterday in San Ramon, CA.

I was pretty much clicking-happy after I got in the orchard, but not for long. I didn't charge the camera battery after I used it last week. After a couple dozens shots, "Err 02" appeared on the LCD panel. I knew I was in trouble since it happened to me once and I lost a few shots on my 2GB micro-drive. Once I got home, I tried to copy the files off the micro-drive, and as expected, I got "incorrect file parameters" error. When this happened to me last time, I basically re-formated the drive, and was happy enough that drive still worked. I didn't really care about the shots, but not this time!

An old version of FinalData saved my data and my day. I finally managed to get the files off the drive, then completely re-formated the drive. I think what happened is when the battery runs low, the camera couldn't finish saving the file to the drive, then corrupted the FAT file system. After many uses, file fragmentation starts to occur and that also makes camera run out of power a lot quiker. FAT file system is not a journaling file system, so it can't be corrupt very easily.

I went out today and found that the battery holds a lot longer than before. I think that's because the drive is freshly re-formated, and it doesn't have to spin as many times to save a file. Files are being written sequencially on the drive. So I will re-format my micro-drive more frequently, and buy a backup battery and maybe a car charger.