One year
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One year (March 21, 2005)
One photo a day, everyday, for 365 days.

Well, I did cheat a little from time to time -- changing the dates when I was running late, using a curl script cron job auto-posting for tomorrow and so on, but nonetheless, I tried. I now have a perfect excuse reason to buy a new wide-angle lens. :-)

This is my first year of learning photography. I've learned as much as I've enjoyed it. This blog is one of my motivations of getting outside and taking photos. I want to thank everyone who visited this blog, subscribed to my rss feed, left me comments, voted for me in, and linked this site. I especially need to thank Brandon Stone and the community. Most of the visitors found their ways here through I am so glad I've made to the top 100. That helps the traffic.

Today's picture was created by JWZ's wonderful hack of a Perl script It runs well on my home FreeBSD machine after I made some small changes. If you need help using it, please let me know.