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Truck (April 23, 2005)
Last Saturday in San Ramon, CA.

I am seriously thinking about switching my blog software. I am using Grey Matter only because there or four years ago when I first started blogging (don't ask where it is now, it's as dead as it can be), there were not many blog software available, and my hosting account didn't have DB support. The only good thing about GM is it doesn't need database of any sort, and all it needs is the good old Perl. So, I got really familiar with GM. When I started this photoblog, I naturally went with what I was familiar with. Along the way, I've added and changed a lot of features (like comment spam blocker, rebuilding last 30 posts only, RSS feed, eCard, PayPal integration, search-based categories, post to future date, thumnail calendar and etc).

As the number of posts increases (almost 400 now), GM starts to show all kinds of problems. The main reason is it uses a lot of memory to rebuild posts, and since I am on a shared hosting server, I get random server 500 errors from time to time. GM development team is not making much progress, even Noah Grey himself is not using it anymore. So I am looking elsewhere.

I just created three photoblogs for my friends Dan, Karen and Wennie last week. I found PixelPost very easy to use -- open source, addon freindly, straight forward, easy to modify and with just right amount of features (as opposed to feature-rich WordPress and MovableType). If I switch, I will very likely go with PixelPost, but importing all the posts and comments is not a simple task. Another choice is to start anew and leave all my current posts as they are right now. I've already started to hack away the PixelPost code to make some changes, and hopefully soon I can get to the point I can make a final decision.