In search of myself
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In search of myself (May 14, 2005)
Last Wednesday in Martha's Vineyard, Vineyard Haven, MA.

I can't believe ten days flew by this fast, and my trip to Boston ended. The weather didn't cooperate the first few days though. I spent a lot of time indoors -- watched Blue Man Group show, visited six different museums, and simply sat in Starbucks enjoying some reading.

It was a satisfying trip but with a few ouches -- I dropped a can of Heineken on my toe in my hotel room one day. Ouch! I dropped my iPod in Chicago Midway Airport the first day and broke it. Double ouch! I swung my camera bag back to my shoulder without knowing it was still unzipped; my Canon 10D flew in the air and landed on the cement paved parking lot outside the JFK Library. Triple ouch! Luckily its alloy metal body held well and my Sigma 15-30 lens had its cover on, but the lens cover's metal adapter ring was bent. I can't imagine how it didn't really break anything essential at all with that heart-stopping, eye-popping, f-word-screaming drop. Now I'll see how Apple's iPod warranty program works tomorrow. I am still wondering why I didn't drop my laptop somehow, so I would have completed my electronics cruelty test in this trip.

Besides that, everything worked out alright. The hotel didn't have Internet access, but I drove to the nearest apartment building, turned on my laptop, and Bingo! about 10 different WIFI networks with 3 of them wide open with no password. So I drove there everyday, sometimes more than once a day. When my laptop's battery ran low, I simply plugged it in the Pontiac Vibe's 110-volt power outlet. That's pretty sweet. With a cup of coffee in the cup holder, that was a do-it-yourself type of Internet cafe experience. :-)