Hotel California
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Hotel California (June 12, 2005)
Over a month ago in Palo Alto, CA.

OK, now stop humming the song. :-)

My Canon 10D is out of commission, so I am now on film, officially, with no choice. The Epson scanner I ordered should arrive sometime next week. I now have a chance to go back to my archives to look for previously ignored images, which is not a bad thing to do anyway. There are many I haven't looked very closely after I dumped them on my harddrive.

The KRON 4's Bay Area Bloggers Meet-up was very interesting. Over 100 bloggers showed up (I am at the lower right corner in my baseball cap). Of course it's on their evening news.

Some intersting people I met -- Craig from asked me to stop calling him "my hero", which I have to respectfuly disagree; everybody's favorite waitress Valerie told me she is going to present her site and some of her work in SF Apple store this Thuesday; Kevin told me quite a bit about nVidia, the company he is working for; I am sorry Min Jung for the camera flash right in her face (her Flickr stream is here, and the Flickr Group about the event is here); Rich liked the idea I was taking a photo of him taking a photo; Tantek's Technorati business card has his personal blog url, hmm...; I think I may need to consult Rodrick about the font/typography issue for the "Turing Test" php script I am going to write; and so on...