Shadowed back
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Shadowed back (October 8, 2005)
Last Sunday in Sunol, CA. A while back I had a similar shot using my film camera. I'm in the process of changing my domain registrar. Hopefully everything will go through smoothly, but it's entirely possible that the DNS settings get messed up, then it would have to need a couple of days for the DNS propagation. So if you see a "site doesn't exist" error in a few days, the error should go away automatically in a few days. This headache will save me $7 a year, and it will only take 100 years for me to save enough money from switching domain registrar to buy another lens. :-) Nah! The reason is that I want to consalidate all of my domains (I have a whole bunch now) to a single registrar so it'd be easier to renew and manage.